My [s.e.v.e.n] wonders

Hi everyone!

life is so hectic lately…ouhh gosh! I almost forget its heading towards end of the semester.

im soo happy yet at times im sad also. its really tough lately Im trying to juggle my time which assignments to do first.

Luckily, I realized that I havent done my latest entry…

So,for this entry I will talk about the 7 wonders in creating my assignments 3. We have discuss so much until I dont know where to begin

so I think I will list out one by one and describe how far and efficient my SEVEN WONDERs…is!

1. Suitability of the activities

Before we even get started with any of the lesson plan, i started to figure how am I  going to choose the suitable activities for my it all started by doing some investigation on the back ground of the class, whether it is from high proficiency,average proficiency or even low. by determined the sort of class U can imagine the kind of activities that I want to integrate in the classroom. In my opinion I think this is the most crucial part of all from what I can see “a successful activities is determined by the level of proficiency of that target class” . Hence, this is the utmost important criteria in creating a successful lesson plan.

2. Teaching Approaches

As far as I’am concerned, we have learned more than 10 teaching approaches. It was the time to make all the knowledge that we have gathered and try to apply it in the classroom. After we have gathered all the details of the class that we wanted to teach. at the moment you would have a rough ideas how the class is., how they usually learn, how it will work with this kind of approach. Mostly, it would be better to have an integrated approaches like student centered and teacher centered. As for my lesson, the pupils is from high proficiency so usually the kind of approach that is useful is by making the pupils in charge of their knowledge, the pupils will be the one who construct their own understanding. the teacher will act as an effective facilitator.

3.Teaching Aids

I just got to sayy…..I LOVE TEACHING AIDS..its the reason to enhance the boring and dry environment  into an interactive ones! teaching aids can varies from flashcards,picture cards,puppets, relias and etc. I had to say kids love all those stuff even the ones who are from high proficiency. teacher in this 21st century, all you need to do is to have internet connection [which I think all of us/teacher would have one] go to MR GOOGLE and type in flashcards or esl flashcard you can find abundant of teaching aids inside there. All the colourful and interactive ones. You just got to dig in and explore!

4.Teacher Roles

I must say teacher roles is vital in the classroom! What I mean by “vital” is as a teacher we need to be able to carry different role in the classroom. We can be the dominator, actor,storyteller,facilitator,monitor or even motivator. Thats a whole lot of roles right? yeah, what we need to know as a teacher when do we need to play that certain role, how to be able to apply that kind of role effectively. If the activity is student centered that teacher would definitely act as facilitator. Play the roles Effectively!!

5.Games in the classroom [ICT]

Tell me who does not love GAMES!!!??? games are important in terms of injecting fun learning in the classroom. Games can be divided into two whether it is traditional games like poison box or the ones using online games. Online games can be used in the classroom if the technology facilities is available pupils love this kind of games which will enhanced the effectiveness of the lesson in the classroom.

6. Group Work / Pair

Since we already select the types of approaches for example the most frequent used : COOPERATIVE LEARNING

I tend to do group work or pair work frequently, I feel this way of  learning is suitable to be used inside the classroom. It is really good in terms of making each pupils contributes their ideas and delegate their work properly. Accepting people differences: students are able to broaden their knowledge by sharing ideas and opinions. Great way to expand way of thinking!

7. Assessment through PORTFOLIO

learning without assessment…ermm how would that be? Been thinking of doing on-going assessment called portfolio.In my opinion,portfolio is an authentic assessment tool in the classroom, or as a method to showcase students’ accomplishments.Thus, it would be an evidence to show whether or not the pupils had improve on their English or not.






Hello readers!

for today entry you are going to look at my version of E-BOOK






This e-book is suitable for Year Two.

It was used during my teaching practicum to teach “PLACES IN MY NEIGHBOURHOOD”










Last but not least,

Enjoy reading my entries!!

Short and Brief just the way I like it!!


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Hello readers!!!

Year : 5-6

Proficiency level :   High Proficiency

Theme: World of Stories

Learning Objective:

At the end of the lesson

a)      Pupils will be able to untilize the ict tools “storybird”.

b)      Pupils will be able to create their own stories using the “storybird”.

c)       Pupils will be able to give feedback based on their friends work.

Set Induction

  1. Teacher shows a few picture on the manila card.
  2. Teacher ask the pupils to guess what is the title of the story based on the picture shown.
  3. For example: teacher shows a picture of “Three Bears and a Girl”
  4. Possible answer : The three bears and Goldilocks.

Pre teaching

  1. Teacher introduces the ICT tools that the pupils going to use during the post stage.
  2. Teacher flashes the story using LCD and the Projector.
  3. Teacher asks the pupils to read the story out loud.
  4. Teacher corrects pupil’s pronunciation.
  5. Teacher stops at certain area and ask few question regarding the story in order to check pupils understanding.
  6. Pupils replies to the teacher inquiries.


While teaching

  1. Teacher told the pupils to sign up on the web site give which is “Storybird”.
  2. Teacher demonstrates on how to navigate the website one by one.
  3. Pupils explore the “storybird” by themselves.
  4. Teacher monitored and assists the pupils who are facing problem.
  5. When the pupils are familiar with the website and the entire icon related to the website.




  1. Teacher told the pupils that they are going to create a short story using the “storybird”
  2. Teacher writes out the theme for the board “friendship”. [ every week different theme]
  3. Pupils need to create the story based on the theme selected by their teacher.
  4. Pupils need to be creative and innovative on how they interpret the story.
  5. Teacher tells the pupils they have the freedom to create the story anyway they like.

The example of "storybird"

[The example of “storybird”]

[The interface of the storybird, there are lots and lots to choose from]

[choose any templates to start your story, for this lesson it is “friendship”]

[Example shown below]

[Once you start and log in you can start to create your own storybird, this interface will be shown on your screen]

Feedback Session

  1. It’s an one hour and a half lesson the teacher tells the pupils to stop where they had left.
  2. Teacher invites volunteer from the class to present what they had created so far.
  3. Teacher monitors pupils progressed on their work.
  4. Peer assessment [pupils gives feedback and comments on their friends work].


  1. Teacher sum up the lesson .
  2. Teacher encourage the pupils to start creating more stories.

[ by creating more stories the pupils will have a specified chanel for themto pour things out and be more serious in creating a whole new stories



Have Fun with STORYBIRD!! I KNOW I DID!!


7th~Today I LEARN , Today I QUESTION


Readers out there this is my 7th entry….it more about


Let’s go straight to the point……


I learned that there is nothing impossible in this world.

I learned that being creative is not what it takes.

I learned that group cooperation and sharing ideas is the utmost important in creating this game

I learned that the “while” process while creating and inventing a whole new game but using the same format of who wants to be a millionaire was a very crucial stage which involves trial and error.

I learned that with one format we can create abundance of new and more interactive games with different rewards. For my group we used  “cookies”.

I learned that by watching other group’s presentation I tend to reflect my own game.




After my group had presented, this is what I questioned my self….

I questioned “how am I going to improve my game?”

I questioned “In what way should I change the game to make it more appealing and attractive?”

I questioned “what will my peers evaluate my groups based on our presentation?”

I questioned “will I be able to comprehend and take the opinions and comment s by my peers without feeling offended or downgraded?”

I questioned “Is the font/background/sound/image suitable for the purpose of the game or not?”



I take note that each game that has been presented was AMAZING INTERESTING AND INTERACTIVE.

I take note that each comment given by peers were genuinely true and we will try to work on the weaknesses.

I take note that this entry in about reflecting on I LEARNED I QUESTIONED, above is list of what I think I have learned and questioned throughout the lesson.

I take note that I better end my entry before I started to scribble down on unnecessary things.




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“Plants and Zombies”

Hello people out there!! and Salam to all…

Hows your weekends everybody? Been busy?? I know I have, completing task after task, assignments after assignments.

Actually, lately I’ve been addicted to planting and gardening its like my hobby ever since, the only difference is you only need a laptop it doesnt matter whether its a powerful one or not and a decent mouse. [erkk, yup im planting and gardening in a cyber world]

Interesting right!! I wanna see a show of hand who have not tried to play with this GAMES!! Its like a phenomenon  ever since POPCAP introduce this games.Countless review and comments.

Well for today Im not going to talk much about the game it self, perhaps all of you can download and give your self a TRY!!

“Plants and Zombies”

Year: 3 (  Average – Low Proficiency)

Time: 1 hour

Language Focus: Vocabulary [ seed, plant, sun]

Skill(s): Listening and Speaking

Learning Objectives:

Pupils will be able to:

Learn about plants and Gardening.

Strategies on how to keep flower alive.

Concept Overview: Pupils will help by planting more sunflower and other plants to create an obstacles form the zombies so that they cannot invade into the house.

Possibilities of Integration:

It can be integrated in the lesson but the pupils need be introduce in the earlier lesson especially the characters inside this game and also their function.

For example:  Energy Boosting Sunflower, Zombie Zapping Preshooter. Thus, by  having the knowledge the pupils will know what to do in order to blocked the zombies entering the house. Create effective strategies to move on to the next level.


  1. Pre teach by using picture of several plants that is integrated in the game such as sunflower, shooter.
  2. Individual Computer for each pupils in the classroom
  3. Games installed “Plants and Zombies”
  4. LCD

Pre –teaching session:

Teacher will introduce the lesson by showing several pictures on the whiteboard. Pictures of plants  and triggers their prior knowledge by asking a few questions. For example : “What do plants need in order to grow?”

“What is the name of the plant?”

Example of picture will be used in the lesson:

During- Teaching Session:

Teacher introduces the pupils to the character inside this game. Who are the good ones who are the bad ones? And what are needed to save the house from being invaded by the zombies. Teacher  demonstrate by asking the pupils to sit in a horse shoe shape  so that the pupils is nearer to the LCD and they are able to understand the instruction clearly.  At this stage, teacher can also ask the pupils few question to check whether they understand of not. For example: How do you collect the energy? And then relate back to the topic that they pupils have learned. Facts: Plants need Sun to grow. In this game the pupils need to plant more sunflowers to get more sun and get more energy so that we can plant more sunflower or other plants or fruits.

Here are some screenshot from the game [I’am addicted]

After- Teaching Session:

Group Work

Each group are given pictures for them to cut out  make it into small stick puppet like the one below : and then try  to recall the name of the plants as they stick the little puppet into the [grass made out clay]. Each Group presents telling their experiences learning using the game and how they could remember the function of the plants, sun, shooting plants and fruits.

Assessment : Do a ROLE PLAY of a flower or a plant being eaten by the zombies if we did not provide enough energy to the sunflower or other plants. To show their understanding 🙂

Thats all from me, hopefully it will help.

I think it would be more fun if I can think of more fun learning using this interactive games.


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Have a wonderful weekends!!


Gloggy Gloggy Gloggy GLOGSTER!!

Have you ever heard of GLOGSTER??

The name it self is catchy isn’t? The first time I google I find it somehow related to  21st century learning.  For your information it is one of the WEB 2.0 tools, now you would have something in mind ?? Am I right?? Let’s see………

“Glogster is a poster-creation tool that allows students to combine text, pictures, graphics, video, and audio into an interactive online poster. You use it to create a “glog” which is basically an online poster web page.”

Sneak Preview!!

Here is the Glogster for YOURSELF!!

(account for Yourself boundless ways to express   WHO YOU REALLY ARE)

Here is the Glogster for EDUCATION!!

(Glogster EDU is a collaborative online learning platform for teachers and students to express their creativity, knowledge, ideas and skills in the classroom)

(Glogster Premium : Theres a fee charge in order for you to utilized it)

Whats SOOOO INTERESTING about this tool??

Let’s seeeee…

Glogsters had been used all over the world in education purposes since 2007, Can you imagine that? It’s almost 4 years and only now I get to know this amazing tool. It is so interactive, even when I did a lil research I was really into it. No doubt, this is a place where you can have all the things in one page, one word SUPERBLY INTERACTIVE COMMUNICATIVE TOOLS EVER!! [sorry, if I exaggerated much!But its indeed intertaining]. You just move over the mouse and thers links everywhere,from one page it can take you to the other, you can even attached any videos related. You should try it!!

For a teacher like me??  [O0opss I’m not a teacher yet but soon to be!]

With the creation of the Education 2.0 addition, the site is very teacher-friendly. Now teachers can register for a master account with up to 200 student accounts. The site provides plenty of support for teachers who want to use this application in their classrooms.


Let’s look at the function of these GLOGSTER EDU tools?

Here are some that I found out by reading a few articles on the web….

An interactive web 2.0 tools where you can uploads photos,videos,text,audios and other interactive online things to make your digital poster looks impressive!

Just like this one:

What are the advantages of this tools?

Let’s look at some of the advantages that I had gathered….

  • Unlimited shelf life [You can always update and change the information according to the latest news or fact]
  • No charge for Basic Edu GLOGSTER but then if you want to go for premium Edu then u will be charge.
  • Students engagement- digital outlet that makes learning more FUN.
  • Stimulates students creativity- creating their own poster and having a numerous ways to decorate the digital poster.
  • Excitement – students would not feel the burden to do the homeworks. Since it is fun yet it is beneficial for them
  • Real life application- students creates a poster for other to see and appreciates.
  • Broden their knowledge – getting feedback and comments.
  • Hands on learning –  it requires the creation of unique content that is not limited to pen and paper or word-processing.
  • Integrate all kind of subject using this tools – math, social studies,history

What are the limitation of the tools?

Require internet access [a good one]

If not it will take forever to complete one page of the glogster.

I’m a streamyx user, still its  processing never ending

IT’S SAD the quality of internet in Malaysia are not up to the standard yet huhuhu

Sign in to glog yourself and glog edu.

We need to used different types of emails.

[For example : for Glogster Yourself you use yahoo then Glosgter Edu you need to use hotmail instead]

Time consuming

Teacher can assigned this work as a project purposes, because it requires a lot of thinking and a lot time.

Content monitoring

When a teacher integrates this inside the classroom especially classes in Malaysia, they will need to keep track of what the student are doing             especially the content that they had published.

How can a teacher use this tools in the classroom?

[Especially in Malaysia]


Teacher assigned the pupils to create an interactive digital poster using glogster based on what they had done from the research. May be on , Animals ;origins,sounds,what they eat. Etc.

Individual work

This would be more on reflection area where after each topic the teacher had taugh the pupils need to glog- on and come out with a poster that reflects their understanding on the topic learned.

Express note on certain topic

Teacher may used glogster as a medium to introduce basic concept of the subject or highlight important topics.

Presentation instead of using Powerpoint

Students now can utilize this tools as a medium to present their ideas,work, group work.

What would you like to comment about the user-friendliness of this tool from your point of view as a teacher?

EASY- A!!! But you need to explore more to gain more!!

Once you enter the meta search engine you will see theres load of information regarding this tools.

I don’t think you will be stuck, Keep on reading on how to navigate this tools.

Once you there, You’re never out!

Here are some helpful videos and slides shared by me 🙂

Which standard do you think this tools is applicable for?

In my opinion, even year 2 pupils can navigate this awesome tools, but then we need to think of the environment here in  Malaysia which I think by far this tools can be applied to year 4,5,6 and it move on to middle school Junior high and High school. Since it had been implemented in other countries you can take a look at some of this awesome glogster made by the students.

My Favourite One!


P/S: Wow….a long post by me!!

Hopefully all of you gain something.

Feel free to drop by and comments 🙂

~Ingredients to T-PACK ~

Dearest Readers…..

Let’s ponder on this Q…..

What are the ingredients to successful learning?

Its hard to say, what I have accomplised during the teaching practicum was just a gist.  The word Tpack was not familiar to me once but then I remember we had touch and go session regarding this framework during my first sem in UM.

This framework is just amazing, its how we as a teacher integrate TECHNOLOGY, PEDAGOGY AND CONTENT OF KNOWLEDGE. It works wonders during my teaching practicum meaning to say I admit the student were once like a little cute monkeys who got their bananas when I introduced the usage of technology in the classroom, after sometimes they get used to it and they just know what to do.

Here by, I’d explain one of my lesson plan that I have successfully integrate the use of TPACK in the classroom.

Lesson Plan

Subject                                               :           English

Class                                                    :           Year 4 Jaya ( Below Average Proficiency)

Enrolment                                        :           28 Pupils

Theme                                                :           World of Personal Relationship

Topic                                                   :          More Stories

Language Focus                              :           Action Verb [spread, crunch, squish, eat]

Technology Tools                            :         YouTube video song (Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich)

Laptop. Speaker and LCD.

Procedures of lesson:

Technology Integrated : [MP3 of the song”Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich]

  • For my set Induction, I played the song as an MP3 they pupils listen attentively, they couldn’t understand so I guide them with the lyrics on the board.
  • Then, I showed a few pictures which I had print out and paste it on the board, now that they have a clear view the pupils were shouting out “teacher, teacher, lagu nie dalam Barney and Friends kan”. [I was glad that some of them know what song did I played for the pass 3 minutes] this kind of impression from the pupils had make my lesson easier.

Technology Integrated : [ Video from You tube: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich]

Content : I’d paste pictures of the action verb on the white board for example a picture of a hand doing the action  of “spread” on a piece of bread. I call upon some volunteer from each group to paste the correct action verb with correct picture.From here, I can observed whether the pupils  understand or not the content of knowledge that I’ trying to impart.

Here are the [ Action Verb I showed to the pupils using PowerPoint]

Knowledge : what I was trying to impart in this lesson was the action verbs included in the video, what makes it more exciting during the lesson I handed a task sheet that has empty blanks. the empty blanks are the action verbs that they need to fill in while listening to the songs.

Here are the [ Lyrics of the song “Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich”]

Pedagogy: One of the approach that I used is [TOTAL PHYSICAL RESPONSE] which most of the time the pupils will do the action together as a group while singing the song. From what I had observed this class the pupils enjoy the lesson when there are using most of their body part to show their understanding.

Justification: Technology , Pedagogy and Content : It is being integrated through the use of video, mp3 and Powerpoint. In order to ensure pupils understanding I make them used their body part to show the action of each verb and to check their content I hand out the pupil the incomplete lyrics which they need to fill in the blanks using the action verb that they have learned.

All in all, I believed each teacher has its own way of integrating T-PACK..

Well, this entry ends here, Hope you all enjoy reading my entry on how I integrated T-PACK in the classroom.



P/S: Feel free to leave your comments, it is highly appreciated!

Yeay!! Enjoy your weekends!